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EAST26 Restaurante,  C/del Bisbe Verger 26, 07650 Santanyí,   phone  +34  871 031 838 ,

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On the patio or inside - sunny or warm and cosy
celebrations & garden

In Santanyí, the secret capital

of Mallorca's enchanting south east is the fantastic EAST26 Restaurante.  

Come  over and enjoy  with refreshing drinks or great food, the Mediterranean flair on the patio or  inside.

The EAST26 is well known for the seats in the sheltered patio.

But if the weather makes it necessary, it's better to sit inside and enjoy your meal there with a good glass of wine.

Choose between comedor interior and patio 

when making your reservation.

The restaurant has become a popular meeting place for locals and tourists alike and is open non-stop from noon to night.

Regular events take place as well as the organization of private celebrations

inside or outside.  


our story

Make a reservation now

When do you want to come?

Reservations until max. 8 people only can be booked in this way!

For larger groups, please inquire in good time by telephone or e-mail.

to prepare good food

needs some time

On our menus you will find meat, fish and vegetarian/vegan dishes

which are always prepared from fresh ingredients and exquisite spices.

Please take some time to enjoy or ask about our daily special for guests in a hurry.

If you have any intolerances, please contact us.

Let's have a drink

at the bar

Try a Spanish aperitif before your meal - 

at the table, of course - but also at the bar!

Take a break with a cava or coffee solo with us, let yourself go during the day

or treat yourself to a delicious cocktail in the evening,

enjoy a good wine and listen to some music in a pleasant atmosphere.


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c/  del Bisbe Verger  26,  07650 Santanyí

Telephone: +34 871 031 838
  +34 605 581 424



. . . at least that's what some of our regular guests say!

But we are also among the 10 most popular restaurants in Santanyí in the relevant directories and restaurant guides.

Come and see for yourself!

stay informed

Be there and stay informed!


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Simply click on the 3 dots in the browser at the top right 

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We sporadically provide brief information about changes, e.g. in opening times.

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